Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2015-16 Tyson Barrie Alt 3rd Set 1 (KSE/Avalanche)

This is Tyson Barrie's Colorado Avalanche alternate 3rd Set 1 sweater from the Avalanche's 20th Anniversary season which had it's unveiling earlier this season. It was worn in games from October 24th (Alt 3rd Debut Game) through December 31st.  The jersey exhibits good game use with board burns on both sleeves, an unrepaired hole on the back of the sweater and very extensive pilling on the front and back hem of sweater. Barrie logged 4 assists in the 6 games that he wore this Set 1 alternate sweater.

 Here are two photos of Tyson Barrie wearing this sweater on November 6, 2015 vs. NY Rangers