Tuesday, March 19, 2024

1995-96 Valeri Kamensky Home Set (Classic Auctions)

 This is one of Valeri Kamensky's 1995-96 game worn home sweaters.  I have not been able to determine yet whether this sweater was one of Kamensky's earlier sweaters in the Avs' inaugural season but there are some interesting facts about this shirt that could help.  The size of the sweater is an interesting 56-G which Kamensky must have experimented with early in the year.  All the rest of his jerseys from this season seem to be size 56-R. So perhaps he wore this jersey in the preseason and a part of the early regular season.. To be determined.  The jersey shows evident game use albeit fairly light in nature.  There is pilling evident in hem and some discoloration on the strap. As with many of the 1995-96 Avalanche jerseys, the Stanley Cup Finals patch was added to the sweater at the end of the year by the team before making it into the hobby. This Kamensky sweater is one of the examples of the replica 1996 SCF patch being added and not the original patch.  These jerseys were not worn in the Finals.  More research is needed on the sweater but is certainly a beautiful early example of the Colorado Avalanche and their inaugural season and Stanley Cup Championship in Denver, Colorado. Very happy to have added this rare Starter inaugural Kamensky Avs' sweater to my collection.

Saturday, March 16, 2024

2015-16 Alex Tanguay Alt 3rd Set 1 (KSE/Avalanche)

This is Alex Tanguay's inaugural alternate set 1 jersey from 2015-16. This set of alternates were the first set of the current alternates that the Avalanche have been wearing for the last 8 seasons.  This first set of alternates were worn between 10/24/2015 -12/31/2015.  Tanguay didn't play especially well in this jersey only registering two assists in the 6 games he wore the sweater. The sweater exhibits light game use with some pilling in the hem and one very nice team repair on the sleeve. The Colorado Avalanche 20th Anniversary patch adorns the right chest of the jersey.  Very excited to add another Tanguay who is Stanley Cup Champion to my collection.

Set Tag for 2015-16 Season
Team Repair
A few photos of Tanguay wearing the jersey in game action in 2015

Friday, February 9, 2024

2023-24 Valeri Nichushkin Set 1 Road KSE/Avalanche

This is Valeri Nichushkin's Set 1 Road sweater form the 2023-24 season. The jersey exhibits very good wear overall with numerous stick and puck marks, team repairs and heavy pilling in the hem. The sweater has been photo matched to several games between Oct. and Dec. of 2023.  "Big Val" "Choo-Choo" wore the sweater in 15 games and scored 5 goals and added 7 apples for 12 points. I am a big fan of Nichushkin as he is a key big piece of this Avalanche team. I am very excited to add this sweater to my Avalanche game worn collection.  This is the last season for the Adidas Prime Green game sweaters.  The NHL will switch to Fanatics for the 2024-25 season.  

2023-24 Team Set Tag, much larger than previous seasons

Here are some photos of Choo Choo wearing the jersey in game action

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

2015-16 Cody McLeod Set 2 Road (KSC/Avalanche)

This is Cody McLeod's game worn sweater from the 2015-16 season.  It is his set 2 road sweater worn in game on the road from November 30th, 2015 through January 27th, 2016.

The sweater exhibits fantastic wear throughout with numerous team repairs, board burns, damaged collar from fighting Tanner Glass of the NY Rangers and major piling in rear hem.

McLeod was a leader on the team and in the locker room and that is reflected on the sweater with an alternate captain's "A". 

I have owned a couple of very nice McLeod sweaters over the years that I have moved and I am very happy to add one back to my collection. Thank you to my good friend and fellow Avs' collector Thomas Oltmans for making this possible. He is a good friend and an asset to the hobby.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023

1992-93 Joe Sakic Road Set 2 Quebec Nordiques HHOF (Byron's Hockeyland/Nathan Collection)

This is Joe Sakic's 1992-93 game worn captain's sweater from his days with the Quebec Nordiques.  This sweater is the road set 2 shirt worn in the 2nd half of the 1992-93 season.

I am currently researching this jersey to see how long it was worn and how many goals and assists Joe scored while wearing this sweater...  More to come..

The 100th Anniversary of the Stanley Cup patch (French Version) adorns the right chest of the sweater

Two photo matches of Super Joe in action wearing this sweater at Montreal and at New York